Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx

Brand Farmtrac Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 4
HP Category 60 HP
Gear Box 16 Forward + 4 Reverse
Brakes Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes
Warranty 5000 Hours / 5 Years


About Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx comes from the Farmtrac company with highly advanced specifications. The company is known for its vast range of technological tractors. Moreover, the company provides tractors under a competitive price range in the market. That’s why marginal farmers buy them for their farming needs. Get all the information about Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx price, specifications and more.

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx Tractor Overview

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx is a tractor from the famous brand Escorts Group which manufactures tractors with the best features and durability. That’s why it provides efficient work in the field. Moreover, the tractor offers excellent mileage and high working efficiency so that farmers can complete farming tasks at minimum expenses. We are here to provide all the detailed information about Farmtrac 6055 Tractor.

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx Engine Capacity

Farmtrac 6055 is the most popular tractor model of the Farmtrac brand. It is a 60 hp tractor, 4-cylinders, 3910 CC engine, generating 2000 ERPM. Moreover, the tractor model performs excellently in different soil and weather conditions. It’s PTO hp is 51, which supplies maximum power to the linked farm equipment.

It comes with the best combination of design and style to tempt the Indian farmers. Farmtrac 6055 tractor has 16 forward + 4 Reverse Gearboxes, which helps the tractor be fast and durable on fields. Moreover, Farmtrac Tractor comes with the facility of oil-immersed brakes to protect the driver from major accidents. The unique feature of the 6055 Farmtrac Tractor is its lifting capacity of 2500 kg.

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx – Innovative Features & Qualities 

Farmtrac 6055 has many advanced features and special qualities, making it the most potent and foremost tractor in India, some of which are listed below.

  • It is a highly efficient tractor that consists of a constant mesh (T20) independent clutch, providing smooth and easy functioning.
  • The tractor model provides economic mileage, high performance, work excellence, and great user experience in the working field.
  • The diesel engine of the tractor delivers exceptional power and energy to complete rugged farming operations.
  • It comes with power steering that provides quick response and easy control.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 60-litres which encourages the tractor to keep in the field for long hours without stopping.


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