Mahindra 405 YUVO TECH+ Tractor

The Mahindra 405 YUVO TECH+ Tractor is a game-changer with its advanced technology, making it an incredible power-packed machine that can bring exceptional productivity with endless possibilities. This Mahindra Yuvo TECH+ tractor comes with a 29.1 kW (39 HP) engine and a hydraulics lifting capacity of 1700 kg. The Mahindra 405 YUVO TECH+ Tractor comes with a technologically advanced engine, offering more backup torque, best-in-class 26.5 kW (33.5 HP) PTO power and mileage, high max torque, and a parallel cooling system for faster outcome. This YUVO Tech+ tractor has side shift gears, constant mesh transmission, comfortable seating arrangement, and high-precision hydraulics. The tractor also comes with a six-year warranty, which is for the first time in the industry. The Mahindra 405 YUVO TECH+ Tractor has various agricultural applications for enhanced productivity.



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