Mahindra 415 DI XP PLUS Tractor

Introducing the Mahindra 415 DI XP PLUS Tractor – the ultimate powerhouse for all your agricultural needs! Its robust 42 HP ELS engine with a torque of 179 Nm is designed to be tough and efficient. This Mahindra tractor is built to tackle any task with ease. Whether you’re plowing fields, planting crops, or hauling heavy loads, the Mahindra 415 DI XP PLUS Tractor delivers unbeatable performance. This impressive machine also boasts dual-acting power steering for effortless maneuverability and an impressive hydraulics lifting capacity of 1500 kg. It comes with a six-year warranty – the first of its kind in the industry. This 2-wheel tractor offers smooth transmission, low maintenance charges, large tires for better traction, and an attractive design that will turn heads on and off the field.



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