Mahindra 415 YUVO TECH+ 4WD Tractor

The remarkable technologically advanced capabilities of the Mahindra 415 YUVO TECH+ 4WD Tractor have been thoughtfully crafted to boost your productivity and support you in attaining exceptional outcomes. It is equipped with technologically advanced features such as a 31.33 kW (42 HP) engine, power steering, and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1700 kg. With its impressive 3-Cylinder M-Zip Engine and 28.7kW (38.5HP) PTO power it offers great power, precision, and best-in-class mileage. The tractor also provides comfortable seating, multiple gear options, smooth constant mesh transmission, high precision hydraulics, and a six-year warranty. With its many farming applications, this tractor has the power to revolutionize agricultural businesses, boosting productivity and increasing profits.



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