Mahindra 475 YUVO TECH+ Tractor

The Mahindra 475 YUVO TECH+ Tractors boast cutting-edge features that take productivity to new heights! Harnessing a 33.8 kW (44 HP) engine, power steering, and an impressive hydraulics lifting capacity of 1700 kg, these tractors offer unparalleled power and efficiency. One of the most impressive features is its four-cylinder ELS engine, offering best-in-class mileage and 30.2 kW (40.5 HP) PTO power, parallel cooling, and high maximum torque. This Mahindra YUVO TECH+ tractor also provides comfortable seating, multiple gear options, smooth constant mesh transmission, high precision hydraulics, and a six-year warranty. Moreover, to make the job easier for you, the Mahindra 475 YUVO TECH+ Tractor has many farming applications. The Mahindra 475 YUVO TECH+ Tractors are here to revolutionize productivity like never before.



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