Mahindra NOVO 605 DI 4WD V1 Tractor

The Mahindra NOVO 605 DI 4WD V1 Tractors are powerful machines designed to enhance agricultural businesses. These tractors feature a strong 41.0 kW (55 HP) engine with mBoost, four cylinders, power steering, and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2700 kg. They also come with advanced features such as a dual (SLIPTO) dry type clutch, smooth synchromesh transmission system, fast-response hydraulic system and 6 years warranty. With a long service interval of 400 hours, low fuel consumption, and a comfortable sitting area, these tractors are perfect for tough farming operations. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Overall, the Mahindra NOVO 605 DI 4WD V1 Tractors are the ideal choice for those seeking power and precision in their farming operations.



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