Mahindra XP PLUS 265 Orchard Tractor

Introducing all new Mahindra 265 XP Plus Orchard Tractor – The Megastar of Farming. This tractor boasts a robust and reliable build, engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of orchard environments. With its 24.6 kW (33.0 HP) engine power and 139 Nm superior torque, it effortlessly navigates through tight spaces between trees, ensuring maximum productivity. Equipped with advanced hydraulics, power steering and 49 Litres fuel tank, this tractor is a farmer’s dream come true. The hydraulic system ensures precise control, allowing for seamless manoeuvrability and perfect alignment with your specific agricultural needs. The Mahindra XP PLUS 265 Orchard Tractor’s unbeatable combination of power, precision, and adaptability ensures that your orchard farming operations reach new heights of productivity and success.



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