Massey Ferguson 246 DYNATRACK 4WD

Brand Massey Ferguson Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 46 HP
Gear Box 12 Forward + 12 Reverse
Brakes Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes
Warranty 2000 Hours Or 2 Year


About Massey Ferguson 246 DYNATRACK 4WD

If you are finding a compelling tractor at an affordable price range, then Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD is the best for you. This tractor comes with advanced properties and the lowest price range. The Massey Ferguson 246 tractor is designed with very superior technologies, which make it the most powerful tractor. This tractor model belongs to the Massey Ferguson tractor brand, which is already popular for its famous consumer support. Therefore, the company offers tractors at a budget-friendly price range, and Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD Tractor Price is a good example.

Get essential information about the Massey 246 tractor, so stay tuned with us on this page. Here we show all the features, quality, and fair price of Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD Tractor. Check down below.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD Engine Capacity

The Massey Ferguson Tractor 246 tractor model has high demand among Indian farmers because of its adaptable nature and excellent strength. In addition, the Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD tractor is compelling as it is packed with amazing features. It comes with a 46 HP and 3 cylinders engine that generates high ERPM. Its powerful engine is highly smart and sufficient to perform all the farming tasks. Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD engine capacity provides efficient mileage on the field. The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD engine is 2700 CC, which helps the tractor to give a more reliable production. As a result, this tractor can easily supervise all the broken farms and work in unfavourable climate conditions. It is designed to manage every agriculture task such as land preparation, soil preparation, threshing and many more.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD Quality Features

Following are the great features of Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD tractor:-

  • Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD comes with Dual diaphragm clutch makes your drive slippage free. It also works very conveniently.
  • It has 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gearboxes and fully constant mesh transmission for best turning points.
  • Along with this, Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD has a superb 34.5kmph forward speed.
  • Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD manufactured with Multi disc oil immersed brakes.
  • Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD steering type is smooth Power steering Steering.
  • It offers 55 litre large fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.
  • And Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD has 2050 Kgf strong Lifting capacity.
  • Massey Ferguson 246 Price is very budget-friendly, which any farmer can easily afford.

The tractor comes with many confederates and great features, which gives an extra element to buying this tractor. These accessories are a SuperShuttleTM, adjustable hitch, stylish bumper, push-type pedals, adjustable seat, oil pipe kit and telescopic stabilizer. Moreover, it is long-existing and reliable for high production. Features, power and attractive design make this tractor exceptional. And that’s why farmers prefer Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD for farming and commercial activities.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD Tractor Price

The Massey Tractor Price 246 is also an attractive feature; apart from technical features, it comes at a low-cost price range. Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack 4WD Price in India is reasonable Rs. 8.83-9.22 Lakh*(Ex-Showroom Price). The Massey Tractor Price 246 is economical and pocket-friendly. But, on the other hand, Massey Ferguson 246 Price may vary to the Indian states due to external factors. So, to get the official Massey Ferguson 246 Price, check out our website, Tractor Junction.


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