Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI i Tractor

The Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI I Tractors are robust and high-performance machines with the latest mBoost technology that has the potential to modernize your agricultural enterprise. These Mahindra tractors pack a powerful 41.0 kW (55 HP) engine, four cylinders, power steering and a hydraulics lifting capacity of 1800 kg. This latest tractor is also known for its agricultural applications with 36.4 kW(48.8 HP) PTO power. This Mahindra tractor has a single as well as dual dry type of clutch, a smooth constant mesh transmission system, a fast-response hydraulic system, a 6-year warranty, a service interval of 400 hours, heat-free sitting area, low fuel consumption, and many other useful features. If you desire an Arjun tractor that offers an extensive range of powerful and precise farming operations, then the Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI I Tractor is essential for you.



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